Antique Furniture Reproductions

A lot of people desire the feel and aesthetic looks that antique furniture are able to provide. The most common problem however, is that people do not want to pay the price for antique furniture. It is usually very expensive to purchase or restore genuine antique furniture, so another way that people are achieving this goal is by purchasing antique furniture reproductions.


One huge benefit of purchasing antique furniture reproductions is that they are available from any time period, in any style, and can be made out of any material. A few of the more popular time periods that these reproductions are made after include the English Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. These styles offer a traditional elegance that many people enjoy. People who are romantics may enjoy having antique furniture reproductions after the French Imperial time period.


Antique furniture reproductions can be made for any type of furniture. A few examples of big antique reproductions include couches or beds. Other types of antique furniture reproductions may include coffee tables, dressers, wardrobes, vanities, bookcases, and desks. A reproduction that is built with quality will be able to withstand everyday use and wear and tear. For example, the beds and couches need to hold the weight of human body’s, and dressers and desks need to be able to have stable working drawers. These quality pieces of antique furniture can be made out of a variety of materials. Some of these materials may include metal, plastic, or one of a variety of different types of wood. The material that is used to make the reproduction depends on the style of the buyer.

Identifying Reproduction and Genuine Antique

Reproductions and genuine antiques can often be confused with each other because they may look alike to people who do not know the difference. This is why many people choose to purchase the reproductions instead of genuine antiques. There are differences between the two however, and it is good to know these differences. Most commonly, genuine antique furniture is not made out of only one type of wood. For example, parts of the piece of furniture that are not exposed will be made out of a less expensive type of wood. An example of this can be found in the underside of a drawer. Reproduction furniture however, is made out of the same type of wood through and through.

Another difference between the two can be found in how they age. If you look at an aged reproduction piece of furniture you will notice that it may look slightly unnatural. This is because there will be no warping, cracking, or fading in the wood, like there would be in a genuine antique. This does not occur in a reproduction piece of furniture because it was made by machine.

Common Misconceptions

Some people believe that antique furniture reproductions are not valuable because they think that they are “fake.” Although it is true that antique reproductions cost less than genuine antiques it is not true that these pieces of furniture are “fake.” As a matter of fact, just because the piece of furniture is a reproduction does not mean the the overall value is worth less. What many people do not realize is that many historical pieces of furniture are in themselves reproductions.

Be Aware When Purchasing

One crucial thing that buyers should be aware of when purchasing antique furniture reproductions is the danger of scammers and people who are trying to take advantage of the market. A reproduction piece of furniture should not be labeled as an antique. This is because it gives the illusion that it is a genuine antique, and therefore has a steeper price tag on it.

It is important to be aware that reproductions do show up at antique auctions and are mislabeled as genuine antiques. Sometimes people are aware of the scam they are trying to pull and try to cover it up by using an old piece of wood on a reproduction. Other strategies include putting antique furniture parts together using new furniture pieces.