Antique Mahogany Furniture

Antique mahogany furniture is a great choice for any home because of its rich dark luster. Mahogany furnishings make great compliments to sleek, modern designs as well as more traditional and classic designs. Original mahogany pieces are made from a species, swietenia mahagoni, which is native to Southern Florida and the Caribbean. The prevalence of furnishings made from mahogany began its rise in the middle of the 18th century. Since that time, the original forests have been exhausted and are no longer widely available in these regions.

The natural beauty of mahogany is simply reason enough to make it your top choice. The durability and sturdiness is unparalleled. You will find that your antique mahogany furniture will remain in great condition for decades to come. Known for its gorgeous reddish-brown color, mahogany is a rare gift when it comes to antiques. The trees grow very tall which allows for very long, continuous boards. There are many mahogany furnishings that are made without any joints or seams. The nature of the wood is that is has few visible annual rings which make for a uniform appearance.

The purchase of mahogany furnishings constitutes an investment as it will be something that can be passed onto the next generation. Antique mahogany furniture can be very expensive to purchase as it is rare and in high desire. Mahogany is generally considered the best type of wood that can be purchased and it is considered a status symbol for many. Many fine colonial homes featured mahogany furnishings that are still on display today. As a testament to its stature, the Burj Al Arab, known as one of the world’s finest hotels has mahogany furnishings in its most exclusive suites.

For lower cost alternatives, you may want to consider a reproduction of the original designs. These reproductions take advantage of modern techniques and use a wood member of the same family, swietenia macrophylla. This wood is very similar in look and texture to antique mahogany furniture, but is somewhat less durable and lacks the deep luster of antiques. With reproductions, they are often machine produced as compared to traditional pieces which exhibit hand carvings. These pieces are great values as they provide many of the features of traditional furnishings at a much lower cost.

You may discover that some pieces of antique mahogany furniture are intricately carved and are often ornate in their design. These pieces become an instant centerpiece and a topic of conversation. Mahogany can be polished to reveal a deep and lustrous shine that will make any antique piece look new again. Your antique mahogany furniture won’t require much care other than dusting and the occasional polishing.

Antique mahogany furniture can be found in several locations. Most start their search at a local antique store. Some stores specialize in specific types of antiques, so you may want to inquire before you make your visit. Local flea markets and swap meets are great places to find antique furnishings. Many times at these types of events, prices are fluid and you are encouraged to make an offer on an item that interests you. If you decide to go this route ensure that you have transportation to transport your purchase as delivery is generally unavailable.

Estate sales are another great option to find antique mahogany furniture as well. You will want to plan to be there early to place a bid as items at estate sales move very quickly. The internet has become a great resource for many who search for antique mahogany furniture as well.

Using this information, you will be well equipped to make a great addition to your home.