Antique Oak Furniture

The majority of antique furniture on the market today is oak. The reason behind that being that oak crafted furniture is extremely durable. Solid wood furniture is less likely to warp and wear than particleboard or more inexpensive pieces. If you care for your oak furniture it will last ages. Oak is also less expensive than other hard grained woods such as mahogany. When choosing an oak piece make sure it is solid oak and not an oak overlay on a less expensive, durable wood. Inspect the wood and craftsmanship of the piece, dovetail joints are one of the strongest joints and are a sign of quality construction.

Oak is extremely popular for bedroom furniture. Everything from dressers and side tables to the bed it’s self can be crafted from oak. A five piece set averages around $2,500 and will also be the only set you’ll ever need to buy if well taken care of. So it’s not only a necessity but also an investment. Oak is also commonly found in dining room furniture because of its simplicity and durability. On average you can find a 7 piece set for around $700. It’s a great wood for everyday wear.

When shopping for oak furniture shop at stores who specialize in wood working. Consider Amish crafted goods as well. Don’t dismiss used furniture stores and thrift stores as well as antique stores. These items last for years and years so you can find gems in places you’d least expect it. You want something that will last, so focus on the craftsmanship of the pieces. Check the joints, also items that are built using nails and joints tend to be stronger and last longer than those that use adhesive.

When buying bedroom furniture check the slats of the bed, and how the shelving is crafted. Also solid pieces may be heavy and cumbersome but are better built for wear than those that require assembly of multiple parts. Check the quality of the wood, knots and cracks will give you trouble in the future.

The color of oak is usually a medium hew with a very distinguished grain to it. You will be able to identify oak compared to other woods just by the look. Many prefer to leave the pieces their original color and grain and not paint over. Furniture made from quarter-sawn oak will tend to be slightly more expensive, but will have a distinctive look. Quarter-sawn wood is produced when the log is cut into quarters using a 90 degree angle, producing a uniformed vertical pattern on the boards. Other than the unique look there are also structural benefits to quarter- sawn wood, such as holding finishes better, increased resistance to warping and twisting, as well as better resistance to liquids.

Because of its versatility and unique characteristics oak is perfect for any setting and decor. You can find pieces that fit your personality and will last a lifetime. There are many different cuts and styles available so be sure to take your time shopping and explore your options. When you finally find the perfect set for your home remember that solid oak pieces are heavy and can be difficult to move. Take advantage of those stores that offer home delivery, or recruit plenty of help. Remember you can stain the wood to fit your personal style, but a clear finish will also allow you to show off the natural beauty of the wood.