Antique Pine Furniture

Antique furniture is in high demand for decorating. Pine furniture is especially appealing because it has so much versatility. The actual wood itself is mellow and ages nicely. An older piece of pine can be many shades of color depending on age, condition and how and where it was used. For example, a pine dining chair might be very dark in color if it was used daily and polished often. However, a pine dresser that was used in another part of the home might be a totally different color. The variety of coloration can never be predicted in pine but the warmth and appeal can always be counted on.

Pine antiques are often found in practical pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs, bedroom pieces and cupboards. The wood was plentiful, easy to work with and readily available. The skill level used to make pine pieces was sometimes not as refined as mahogany or walnut so the piece have wide appeal today. They can be equally comfortable in a formal room or a casual living environment.

Adapting antique pine pieces to a home today is great fun for most people. A pine dining table can certainly be used for dining but it can also be used in less predictable places. For example, a pine dining table can be used as a foyer piece or a table beside a chair. When used by a chair or sofa a round pine table can be a wonderful gathering place for family photos or collectible items. There are even unique decorating situations created with unusual applications for pine tables. A table can be cut, divided into two pieces and used as bedside tables. The possibilities are endless once the pine is admired and wanted by the homeowner or decorator.

Wardrobes and chests in pine are also extremely popular because of their versatility. A chest can be used in any room in a home for extra storage. Linen, clothes or clutter are all equally at home in the piece and it is simply purchased for aesthetic appeal. Size, condition and type of hardware used are often a strong consideration for a potential buyer. Painting the pine piece is still popular and in some cases a distressed painted pine chest can be found and used in the condition it is found in. Wardrobes become extremely useful for bathrooms, kitchens, pantry areas or entryways. They are great for extra storage and very visually appealing.

Since pine is so rich and warm in antique furniture pieces are often used to make a room feel comfortable and cozy. Every single room in a home is a candidate for pine furniture. A nursery is delightful with a pine chest as a changing table or storing baby clothes. A dining room can always be enriched with a pine table and chairs. Wardrobes make great mud room pieces and hide things that are not attractive to see coming and going from a home.

Antique pine is one of the most plentiful types of antique to find and the variety of pieces is interesting. Pine is also readily available today. For example, stores such as Pottery Barn often showcase pine furniture. A new chest will often cost around $700 to over a $1000 dollars. Often an antique pine chest can be picked up for a lot less. Sometimes a pine chest can be bought for as little as $100 to $400 at thrift stores, consignment stores or antique stores.

However, antique prices can vary from place to place so doing some shopping is always a good idea. It is also not likely that you will find the exact piece to comparison shop. It is important to know what the function of the piece will be, the budget allocated and general style desired. Then, when the piece is found it can be purchased.