Antique Walnut Furniture

How many of us have had a lovely weekend outing, driving through the countryside to stop off at a quaint store or shop selling marvelous antiques? How many shops offer antique walnut furniture and you wondered what exactly did that mean? Here are some tips when looking over antique walnut furniture before you buy.

First off, you most likely want to make sure you are actually looking at walnut wood and not another type. Walnut has a warm nutty brown color that can range from light to dark. Other woods such as Mahogany or Rosewood can be very dark in the brown spectrum and by contrast, Sycamores and Oaks will be very light and pale in color. Grains of the wood, especially for walnut, can range from smooth contours to splotchy designs.

Walnut woods can last more than a lifetime, maybe that is why craftsmen and artisans alike since the Victorian era have held it in such high esteem. Walnut woods have been known to be very resistant to decay and are very durable.

Not only are they durable, but the range of finishes for walnut can be quite attractive as well. From glossy coats of modern applications to that of oil, varnishes and wax. When searching for antique walnut furniture, the preferred method of finishes is either oil or wax. If the furniture in question has a high gloss industrial looking finish, chances are you’re looking at a modern crafted piece of wood instead.

There are ample designs of antique walnut furniture to choose from as well. You can find Neo-Classical styles, which have Grecian undertones of elongated legs and embellished carved features. The Queen Anne style, which originated from England, is delicate and graceful with its remarkable feature of unique curved, clubbed and scroll designed legs. It is rare that walnut would be used as an inlay, as mahogany and other woods were and are preferred instead. Walnut would be used in its entirety for legs, tables, bed frames, commodes, bureaus, wardrobes and other crafted embellishments.

There are many places where one can locate original antique walnut furniture, especially online, but knowing what you want, how much you want to spend and where it’s from, can play critical roles. There are sites specializing in estate liquidations where you can find an array of antique walnut furniture for a deal.
Bargain hunting online is especially helpful if looking for specialty items. Search engines should be easy to use and have many pics and prices, and this is an especially helpful tool if doing a side by side comparisons with other sites. For example, a charming solid walnut vanity can range from $250- $300 as an original depending where you go.

For more ornate furniture, there are sites catering to high end original antiques. For example, a rare Victorian Wooton desk made completely out of walnut and in excellent condition has a listed price $33,000. Comparing that to Wooton Patent Secretary desk in pristine condition on sale will cost upwards of $250,000.

Of course, not all walnut furniture need be the original to enjoy its beauty. Reproductions can cut the cost of some of those high priced furniture items and only you would know the difference. Again, by doing some online searching you can find many shops that deal specifically with replicas and reproductions. You can find tables, chairs, ornaments and many other furniture items of beautiful quality without forfeiting your bank account.

Keep in mind that, if the price is right, where is the shop located? Will you be picking up the purchase or do they have a delivery system in place? Do they offer insurance in case the item is damaged? Do they have a refund policy? When in doubt, ask and research. Address the questions at hand and weigh your options.

Be it online, in a store or estate sale, your antique walnut furniture now awaits.