Antique Wooden Furniture

Everyone wants their home to be comfortable and inviting. Practically everyone is extremely emotionally attached to their home. It is a place of peace and safety for most to retreat to after a hard day. Yet, many people struggle with decorating their home because they become confused by the options available and feel uncomfortable making selections. The furniture use in decorating the home can have a tremendous impact on the way a room feels. Antique wooden furniture adds richness and appeal to a home.

Since most people want the feeling of comfort and security to prevail in their home the use of antique wooden furniture is very popular. The use of oak, pine, mahogany, walnut and pecan add a touch of nostalgia to a room that simply makes it feel good to the occupants. Wood is a natural element that has added warmth to homes for generations because it was so readily available and plentiful to make furniture from. The natural resources of the land were often used to make furniture from and this connection still makes us feel anchored and connected with nature today. Many people live very hectic and stress filled lives and are missing this connection to the earth and nature. Antiques can add much value to living in a home.

It is nice to use wooden antiques because they can be refinished and blend well with more comfortable modern upholstery in decorating a home. An antique table and chairs can be refinished or painted to work with a variety of decorating looks in a home. Paint can look fresh and crisp in a cottage home or sleep and sophisticated in an urban loft. Rich stains can look regal and elegant when used in a room.

Sometimes a homeowner will not want an entire room decorated with antique furnishings. If an entire room is unappealing few pieces scattered around the room can still add the warmth and nostalgia. Wood grains vary in color and appearance and add a lot of visual stimulation to a well decorated room. There are many types of wood available from mellow pine to darker walnut and mahogany. Pine is a softer wood and typically will show more distressing than other wood types. Antique wood tends to take on a nice patina and is extremely durable.

Almost every room in a home can accept an antique piece. A foyer can look nice with an old wooden mirror to warm it up. Often these can be found in mahogany or walnut frames at thrift stores or even Etsy and Ebay. A bedroom might look good with an antique poster bed made from pine and newer storage pieces added for function. The same room could have a painted wardrobe for extra storage. Antique wooden pieces are easy to scatter throughout a home.

Shopping for pieces can be easily done at estate sales or consignment stores as well. Often a family will have large numbers of old pieces of furniture to dispose of during estate liquidations. Shopping online is always a wealth of opportunity as well. Check out the antique furniture section of sites such as Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist and Bonanzle. All will have a good many pieces available for sale. Prices on antique furniture can be widely varied because of the scarcity, limited availability and uniqueness of the piece.

Antiques never go out of style and are a great source of comfort to use in a room. They allow the occupants of a house to feel connected to the past and safe and comfortable. The emotional attachment to a home is greatly increased with the addition of antique wooden furniture.