Asian Antique Furniture

Many people are interested in Asian Antique furniture. Some of the furniture from the orient in beautiful in quality and the intricacy of the design in the furniture is appealing to many individuals. Some of this furniture was originally styled for the Royal Families of Asia.

There is a rich and unique history of many of these pieces with blogs devoted to the various styles and what they mean. Asian furniture comes in many different varieties chests, porcelain, buddha’s of various types, and all sorts of mirrors, beds etc. Some of the early Asian furniture first became popular during the Tang dynasty.

This was Chinese furniture which has a rich and varied history. There are three distinct styles of Chinese furniture all being traced to a certain lineage of emperors or period of time. Chinese furniture dates back to the time of the very early emperors about 1,000 B.C.

Some of the art and furniture of this time is manifested by woven mats some with arm rests. The buddha became a part of Chinese culture about 200 AD and was often shown in a sitting position. The furniture underwent a transition at this time showing buddha on a chair in a position of honor. The Chinese also began to make long reclining sofas, that transitioned into beds and day beds.

The Tang dynasty ruled from about 600-to 900 AD and artwork flourished. There are some unique designs of this time period including round and yoke back tables. The Song dynasty lead to the development of chairs, benches and stools also waisted tables. More modern day furniture appeared after that including the use of wood and other materials, like ivory, jade and silk.

During the Ming and Quing dynasties there began more trade with the west and other areas in Asia and more wood was used in the design process. It was during this time that mahogany came into fashion. Also during this time period more modern Chinese designs began to emerge, including the platform design, which involved designs cut out of a box or to materials that led to the design standing out and being noticed.

Japanese and Korean furniture is more minimalist in design, and includes some fine cabinetry, but is not usually as intricate as Chinese furniture often is. One thing that both Japanese and Chinese furniture have in common is a more red color, due to local influences. Indonesian furniture tends to use more mats and is not necessarily known for the intricate designs that are used by the Chinese.

Some of the unique features and designs that are available include heavy lacquer finishes with intricate designs. These are what makes Chinese furniture so unique and elegant. They also have beautiful silk screens with ivory that are available. Original antique Asian furniture can be purchased today through various websites, and also antique dealers and collectors who specialize in this type of furniture. It can also be purchased on certain websites such as eBay and Amazon.

One should take care when working with a dealer of Asian Antique furniture, or any antique dealer, for that matter and should make sure that the item has been authenticated. One needs to make sure that they are getting what they pay for when dealing with items of historical importance ,or value as an antique. An individual may think they are buying an antique and end up with a reproduction.