Asian Antique Furniture

Many people are interested in Asian Antique furniture. Some of the furniture from the orient in beautiful in quality and the intricacy of the design in the furniture is appealing to many individuals. Some of this furniture was originally styled for the Royal Families of Asia. There is a rich and unique history of many of these pieces with blogs devoted to the various styles and what they mean. Asian furniture comes in many different varieties chests, porcelain, buddha’s of various types, and all sorts of mirrors, beds etc.

English Antique Furniture

If you are a fan of antique furniture you will already know many of the simple characteristics that separate antique furniture from contemporary furniture. What we will do here is discuss a little bit of how these characteristics and trends came about so we can put them in a little historical context. Part of the joy of a beautiful piece of truly authentic English antique furniture comes from having a tangible connection to history in your home. Understanding what that history is, only increases the enjoyment of ownership.

European Antique Furniture

European antique furniture is something which can be considered to be elegant, cozy and romantic as well. It is important for you to be able to see the difference that antique furniture can have on your home and environment, however, it is also very important to be able to find the proper piece that is adequate in accordance to your test and the definition and décor you want to create around you.

French Antique Furniture

France is one of those countries that can brag about a long and rich art history. This includes the decorative art of furniture making. Different furniture styles were influenced by many different styles of Europe, but there was also a distinct French style to antique French furniture. One of the things that influenced these styles and designs were the taste of the king reigning at the time, and also political influences.

Chinese Antique Furniture

Chinese traditional furniture is partly comprised of exquisite works of art that are definitely worth collecting. Chinese furniture has a rich and varied history. You will come across fine stone and bronze furniture dating back to the Shang Dynasty of almost 3000 years ago. Artistic furniture from the Shang Dynasty is famous all over the world for its rich artisanship. You can select from a stunning range of tables, Chinese cabinets, chests, trunks, chests and chinoiserie that are based on antique styles from China’s Qing and Ming Dynasty, which is considered the golden era of Chinese furniture.