Chinese Antique Furniture

Chinese traditional furniture is partly comprised of exquisite works of art that are definitely worth collecting. Chinese furniture has a rich and varied history. You will come across fine stone and bronze furniture dating back to the Shang Dynasty of almost 3000 years ago. Artistic furniture from the Shang Dynasty is famous all over the world for its rich artisanship. You can select from a stunning range of tables, Chinese cabinets, chests, trunks, chests and chinoiserie that are based on antique styles from China’s Qing and Ming Dynasty, which is considered the golden era of Chinese furniture.

Classic Chinese furniture is unique for several reasons, mainly its rare woods, fine carvings and joinery make it stand out. Each furniture item has joints so that it can support the weight of the items placed on it. The majority of antique Chinese furniture was made of wood from indigenous trees such as elm, pine, and zelkova. Greater increase in maritime trade also saw the emergence of furniture made out of tropical hardwoods, which were imported from South East Asia.

The different styles are what make the Chinese antique furniture really unique. Chinese antique furniture also combines the aspects of functionality and durability that is important in a piece of furniture. You can accentuate the look of your home easily by selecting the right antique Chinese furniture. Chinese furniture and antiques are in great demand the world over. However the sad fact is that what is usually sold as “Chinese” furniture are only replicas of the original items and do not come even close to the artistry, charm, designs and depth of colors of the original thing.

Earlier Chinese furniture were carved and inlaid with materials such as precious stones. Shells, enamel chips, jade, ivory, agate, amber and stone were also used for inlaid designs. Carving types included free-style carving, relief carving and negative engraving. The furniture was also lacquered red or black and then painted.

Ming Dynasty furniture is characterized by little decoration and simple style, while Qing furniture has many embellishments and displays extravagance. The range of Chinese antique furniture include antique living room furniture, study room furniture, dining room furniture, garden furniture, antique kitchen room furniture, bed room furniture and others.

Rattan and bamboo furniture also are products of Asian origin and have a long history. Useful and modular products were made using simple techniques. Bamboo was also used along with other materials such as ceramic tile, metal, wood and others in great variations. Currently, rattan and bamboo furniture are also exported to the US and Europe where they are in great demand.

You can choose real Asian antique furniture if you wish to impart a genuine Chinese touch to your home. If this type of Asian antique furniture is beyond your budget, you can choose replicas of exquisite antique furniture designs. Even with one piece of Chinese artifact, a special touch can be imparted to the entire room. Many interior decorators and designers are of the view that if you wish to decorate your home stylishly with a touch of the Far East, you can just include Chinese works of art.

So if you are thinking of buying new furniture for your home, do look at the antique Chinese furniture varieties available in stores. You are sure to find something you love since there are as many diverse styles as there are cultural backgrounds and provinces in China.

You may not be able to find authentic Chinese antique furniture items easily. The quantity of such furniture available nowadays is limited. Hence, you can decide based on the material of the furniture available. Do not settle for items made out of rosewood or red sandalwood, as these may be cheap fakes. It is better to shop for these items at a shop or factory with a good reputation. You can also seek an expert’s help when looking for antique Chinese furniture.